Geotechnical Engineering

Noble Geoservices Limited specialises in the use of scientific methods and engineering principles to obtain interpret and apply knowledge of geological conditions and materials for solving and preventing possible engineering and environmental problems. Investigations typically conducted prior to and in support of the development of all residential and small- to large civil structures and developments. These investigations generally include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Mapping and zoning on a regional scale for strategic planning purposes of towns, local government areas, estates and cities  (for example: low cost housing extensions, waste disposal sites, cemeteries etc)
  • Investigations for zoning of areas for township proclamation purposes according to the standards of the town planning agencies
  • Investigations for small- to medium sized civil structures (for example: standard & elevated reservoirs, shopping malls, casinos, schools, raw water storage dams etc)
  • Detailed site investigations regarding excavation ability on a regional and site-specific scale, generally for water supply infrastructure, planning and costing along with installation of pipelines according to standards building regulatory agencies
  • Detailed investigations for the construction of new gravel or surfaced roads and the upgrading of existing roads
  • Investigations for new borrow pits and detailed investigation & classification of soil- and/or rock material available from new and existing borrow pits
  • Dolomite stability investigations, sinkhole investigations and instability risk assessments for new and existing developments
  • Detailed materials investigation- and construction recommendations for suitability as embankment material
  • Classification of individual plots of land with regard to the site classification system of the land agencies
  • Detailed joint discontinuity surveying and mapping of excavations for slope stability assessments

About Us

The company is incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters of Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC 975473) on 26th of August 2011, with head a nationwide presence and Head office at No. 1, Isi-Achina Street, Weather Head Estate, Block C, Flat 4, GRA, Agu- Awka, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria 

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the people of Africa through providing effective natural resource, environmental and social development and management.

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